Quakes College Recruiting and Networking Program

On behalf of Quakes/EAA Softball College Recruiting and Networking Program, there will be live, virtual discussions with various college softball coaches.Continuing over the coming weeks, head coaches will be scheduling appearances, so watch your e-mail, social, and website for announcements! Check the calendar below for more information.



Regardless of your school preferences, these calls are an extremely valuable opportunity to:
-Explore a school with which you may be unfamiliar 
-Hear head coaches discuss the recruiting process
-Learn about the differences in athletic levels and scholarships
-Hear recruiting insight that will apply to many situations and not necessarily specific to that school
-Ask questions (except with DI coaches due to specific rules)
Even if a school is not of interest to you:
-Keep in mind many coaches have been at other schools and may speak to that experience
-College coaches know each other! it is beneficial to be seen, heard, and appear at EVERY opportunity because you never know where it will lead
-KEEP YOUR MIND OPEN! Your perfect match may be a school you never heard of!