Tryouts - What to Expect:

The coaches assigned to each age group will work together to train and evaluate all of the players who attend. Club directors also participate in the evaluation process.  The tryout sessions conducted by our staff will be similar to those they will normally run with their teams so players can get a feel for the style of training and coaching that will take place in our club.

The coaches will evaluate the players using the following criteria:
1. Technical: 
dribbling, passing, receiving, shooting/finishing and individual defending
2. Tactical: 
reading the game, teammates, opponents, space (perception); ability to make quick and proper decisions during the run of play
3. Psychological:
 mental toughness, competitiveness, concentration, composure, attitude, work ethic
4. Physical: 
speed, athleticism, fitness, strength

The coaches will also make selections based on how they feel players will fit into the team/club culture. They will also consider each player’s potential to develop under their coaching.