Welcome to the Nebraska Roots SC, the Select soccer program of the Elkhorn Athletic Association (formerly Elkhorn Soccer Club)! 

The Elkhorn Soccer Club and Elkhorn Athletic Association merged in November 2019 in order to provide a first-class, one of a kind youth sporting experience to athletes across the Omaha Metro Area and surrounding communities.  The merger combines knowledgeable, experienced, and passionate coaches and administrators who provide our children with excellent learning environments that develop them to their full potential as people and athletes. Our combined resources have allowed us to improve our overall administration of our athletic programs and take the necessary steps to enhance our facilities for all five sports.


Since 1972, the Elkhorn Soccer Club has been built on Nebraska values such as: integrity, respect, selflessness, work ethic and grit.  The majority of our coaches, administrators, and supporters were born and raised in Nebraska and have used these values to develop our organization for almost 50 years.  Those who have joined our ESC/EAA family from other areas come from similar backgrounds, and they have embraced these values in their lives and their work within our club. 

With the ever-changing and ultra-competitive landscape of youth sports programs across the country, we strive to lead the way in bringing player-centered decision-making and grassroots development back to youth athletics.  We have an unwavering commitment to providing pathways for all children to reach their potential on the field and throughout their lives.

We are proud Nebraskans!  We are proud of our ROOTS!


  • 10U (2014)     $1,675/yr
  • 11U (2013)      $1,675/yr
  • 12U (2012)       $1,675/yr
  • 13U (2011)       $1,675/yr
  • 14U (2010)       $1,675/yr
  • 15U (2009)      $1,675/yr or $1,375/yr
  • 16U (2008)      $1,375/yr
  • 17U (2007)      $1,375/yr
  • 18U (2006)      $1,375/yr
  • 19U (2005)      $1,375/yr


  • Director & Professional Staff Pay
  • Facility Fees
  • Equipment
  • Insurance
  • Referees
  • League Fees
  • Winter Futsal League (NPFL)
  • NSSA Fees