How are Hive Academy teams formed? Teams are formed based on school/neighborhood and teammate/coach requests.

Can I make any requests during registration? EAA strives to honor all teammate/coach requests; however, due to roster size limits, we are unable to guarantee all requests will be honored.

Can my child play in an age group above or below their birth year? Players may not participate in an age group below their birth year (“play down”). Players may only participate in an age group above their birth year (“play up”) after an evaluation and approval from the Hive Director and Age Group Director.

Who will coach my child’s team? Hive Academy teams are coached by parent coaches under the supervision of the Age Group Director. 

What should I do if I would like to coach? First, THANK YOU! Every youth sports program depends on the spirit and energy of volunteers. You will have an opportunity to indicate you are willing to volunteer as a head or assistant coach when you register your child.  All volunteer coaches are required to successfully complete all EAA coaching requirements prior to receiving their team roster and coaching their team at practice and games- no exceptions.

What are the roles of the Age Group Directors? Each age group in the Hive Academy is assigned a full-time Age Group Director who is a professional coach and has experience working with young soccer players.  The Age Group Director is responsible for overseeing all aspects of their age group, which includes training session design and execution, coaching and parent education and game-day management. The Age Group Director works closely with parent coaches to deliver top-notch instruction that follows a carefully designed club-wide curriculum.

When will I find out which team my child is on? Coaches will receive their rosters at the coaches meeting typically two weeks prior to the start of the season. Your child’s coach will contact you with season details following their coaches meeting. Coaches will receive their rosters only after they have completed all EAA coaching requirements.

When will my child’s team practice? 4U-8U teams train one time per week under the supervision of the Age Group Director and parent coaches. 9U and 10U teams train two times per week. Please visit your child’s age group page to see the practice schedule for the season.

When are the Hive games played? 5U - 9U Hive teams will play in an in-house league with games played on Fridays and Saturdays. The game schedule and field location information can be found on the game schedules link. 10U Hive teams will play in the NYSL (Nebraska Youth Soccer League) rather than the traditional in-house league. Game location and schedules will be posted on the NYSL League website.