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Division Fee
3rd-8th Grade $350


$25 Late Fee Added to Registration
Team/Coach Requests not guaranteed during Late Registration - we always do our best to place according to requests/school


or when teams fill

  • Fundamentals Camp for incoming K-8th Graders - June 1, 9:30-11:00am at ESHS. Emphasis on Tackling, Running & Passing with Heisman Trophy Winner Eric Crouch and other former Husker Players! Cost is $25 per player - Registration Coming Soon
  • Speed/Agility Sessions for incoming 3rd-8th Graders -  at ETC 7/9, 7/16, 7/23 (Tuesdays) Free for Registered Tackle Players
    2:00-3:00pm - 3rd to 5th Grade
    3:00-4:00pm - 6th to 8th Grade
  • Skill/Drill Sessions for incoming 3rd-8th Graders - at ETC/EVV  7/11, 7/18, 7/25 (Thursdays). Free for Registered Tackle Players
    6:30-7:30pm at ETC for 3rd to 5th Grade
    6:30-7:30 at EVV for 6th to 8th Grade


EAA Tackle Football offers youth tackle football designed to best prepare players for the Elkhorn High School football programs. The alignment rules follow the Elkhorn Public Schools Boundary guidelines. We were established to progressively transition from youth football to high school football. By competing against other high school aligned football organizations in the metro area, our program best prepares players to handle the speed, size, and systems they will face later in high school.

Everyone Can Play: The youth of today come in all sizes; some small and some big. The most important thing is the boys get to play and compete against the players of their same grade and age. Other leagues will either not register a player or move larger kids up to the next age or grade group. At EAA, we feel it is important to keep players of the same ages/grades together. They learn at the same speed and build positive team relationships. If you move a younger, heavier kid up with older kids, they will typically have less playing time, run a greater risk of injury, and not have a fun and positive season.

Creating life-long memories and friends for life: Ask any dad who played youth football, they can tell you who they played with and probably the score of every game. As a parent you want your kids to experience the same thing. The coaching staff, team parents and everyone involved go the extra mile to make sure the kids have a very rewarding experience. Since EAA Youth Football is a program designed to incrementally prepare players for a smooth transition into the Elkhorn High Schools, many kids will have played together for five or more years before they take the field together on Friday nights. Most importantly, they will also be friends.


Our mission is to build strong leaders through youth football who will possess the technical, physical and mental skills required to give them great character, sportsmanship and personal accountability both on and off the field.


EAA Tackle Football teams will compete against other Omaha Metro feeder organizations in the Metro Youth Football League (MYFL). All League information (Game Schedule, Standings, Rules, etc) is available on the MYFL website.


Our system creates the opportunity for a young football player to smoothly transition from youth to high school football. We prepare our players by teaching them cutting edge schemes and techniques while challenging them both mentally and physically to reach their potential. We believe in playing against the best competition available and creating situations which require our players to constantly push their limits beyond what they think is possible and to work together as a team to overcome obstacles. These concepts develop players into leaders


Jr.Storm Tackle Football is a feeder program for the Elkhorn South High School football program.

Jr. Antlers Tackle Football is a feeder program for the Elkhorn High School football program.

Available for 3rd-8th Grade

Our program is a consistent, progressive, and modern approach towards player development and is used by the most successful high school football programs in Texas, Florida, and across the USA.

Jr. Antlers Tackle Football Teams

Jake Anderson Tackle Football Director

Jake Anderson Tackle Football Director

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