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West Dodge Station

Field Improvements

By Bruce O'Neel: EAA Executive Director, 11/19/17, 8:00AM CST


EAA enhances both the fan and player experience at EPS softball and baseball fields.

The Elkhorn Athletic Association manages 25 baseball and softball fields in the Elkhorn area including 6 City of Omaha fields, 1 field at St. Patrick's Church and 18 EPS fields.  With the exception of mowing and irrigation the EAA holds the financial responsibility for improvements and maintenance at the EPS fields and has a shared cost agreement with the City of Omaha for Antler, Ta Ha Zouka and Whitehawk.

This past year the EAA learned the owner of Sandlot Ridge at 192nd & Dodge was closing the facility and auctioning much of the equipment. "We were able to purchase 4 bleachers, 21 weather resistant trash receptacles with cans, 18 weather resistant picnic tables and yellow fence protectors at a discounted price of $7,000," said Jason McDonald, EAA Board President. "These items were placed at our Elementary and Middle school fields by a team of volunteers."

The EAA has made additional improvements to EPS fields over the past year:

  • Additional fencing at West Dodge Station North and South Fields
  • Dugout roofing at West Dodge Station North and South Fields
  • Development of Sagewood Elementary practice field
Fence Protection

Fence Protection installed at Grandview

Picnic Tables

Weather Resistant Picnic Tables placed at EPS Fields

Trash Receptacles

Trash Receptacles Placed at EPS Fields

West Dodge Station North

Dugout Roof and fencing at West Dodge Station North

West Dodge Station South

Additional Fencing, Dugout Roofs, Picnic Tables, Trash Receptacles and Bleechers at West Dodge Station


Developed new field at Sagewood