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Field Info

6/27, 9:05am. All EAA baseball and softball fields are open for games and practices.
  • Updates will only be sent on days impacted by rain outs causing closed fields. Consecutive OPEN days will not have an update.
  • Note: Field updates will generally be made 3:30 p.m. each day (M-F) and 2 hours before game time on weekends. The site is only updated when it is impacted by a closure and reopened. Consecutive open days will not have a new time stamp.
  • Please be mindful of impending rain. Playing on fields wet enough to leave imprints affect prep for the next day after it dries out.
  • Note for Partially Open Fields - View the field comments to determine status of infield/outfield. Most outfields can be used following an infield rain out. 


If fields are open, all games are playable. If the weather changes by game time and fields are not closed, then the umpire and coaches will make the call at the field to suspend or cancel the game.

Click on the field name for directions to the field

NOTE: If an Partner field is pending, please contact the opposing out-of-town coach to verify if the field is open or closed.



Cold Weather:
Play is not permitted when temperature is below 45 degrees with the forecast to be at or below that temperature for the duration of the game. Discretion is allowed in cases when the temperature is above 42 degrees and the hour-by-hour forecast calls for the temperature to reach or exceed 45 during the duration of the game. Please be thoughtful and consider the increased chance of injury to players as well as the enjoyment of the game for the players, coaches and fans when considering discretionary determinations.

NOTE: Be thoughtful of player’s aluminum bats as they are more susceptible to denting in temperatures below 50 degrees. 
Per Easton Bat Warranty:*
*In order to ensure you have up-to-date information regarding your player’s bat, please check with the manufacture.

Precipitation and Lightning:
Play is not permitted when fields are deemed unplayable by the league due to precipitation. Play is to be cancelled, postponed or delayed in cases of visible lightning. These policies are not discretionary.