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Field Info

View additional EAA Weather Info and guidelines.


SMS Updates will only be sent on days impacted by rain outs causing closed fields. Consecutive OPEN days will not have an SMS update.

Note: Field updates as a result of weather will generally be made on a deadline of 3:30 p.m. each day. The site is only updated when it is impacted by a closure. Consecutive open days will not have a new time stamp.


NOTE: Refer to this page for official field conditions.

Baseball/Softball Coaches - please be mindful of impending rain. Playing on fields wet enough to leave imprints affect prep for the next day after it dries out. 

Note for Partially Open Fields
Status will always refer to the infield status.  View the Field Comments to determine status of infield/outfield. Most outfields can be used following an infield rain out. 

The Cages are Located at:
20210 Gate Dancer (Behind Jensen Tire in Elkhorn)

The Elkhorn Training Camp is located at:
715 N 210th St in Elkhorn across from The Mark.