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EAA Night At Werner Park

  • May
  • 4
EAA Night At Werner Park
EAA Night At Werner Park


EAA Night at Werner Park Ticket Purchasers—thank you so much for your support of Elkhorn Athletic Association and the Storm Chasers!  Below are details for the night of the event, Friday, May 4.

Tickets will be available for pickup at Werner Park at a table set up for EAA starting at 5:45pm.  The table will be located by Gate 2 along the west (left field) side.

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of our drawing!

High Five Tunnel Team:  5U WHITE SOX 

Take the Field Teams:  6U TIGERS and 7U MARINERS

All EAA participants are encouraged to wear their team jerseys. 


Parade: All EAA members are welcome to participate in a pre-game parade. Participants will need to meet Caleb Dieckmann (Storm Chasers event coordinator) by the autograph bridge/birthday village/ramp leading onto the field area by 6:15pm. The parade will go from left field down the 3rd base line, around home, up the first base line to exit at section 110. Please note: Participants Must Stay On The Warning Track, Off of the Grass At All Times. Please No Stopping for Pictures, We Need to Keep Moving to Get Everything Else Rolling for the Game to Start on Time.

Field of Dreams and High-Five Tunnel: 5U White Sox, 6U Tigers and 7U Mariners Players: After the parade return to the top of section 120/121 to meet Caleb Dieckmann – OR we may have them at the back of the parade and keep them on the field level, it will depend on timing. To be safe, if we could have them ready to be at the very front or the very back of the parade, that would be best.

Gate opens at 6pm, first pitch is 7:05pm

Again, thank you for your support of Elkhorn Athletic Association and the Omaha Storm Chasers, and cheers to a fun night for all!

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