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Mayo Clinic Report: Injuries in Youth Football Are Uncommon Mayo Clinic Study Summary


Safety Awareness and Certification

Player Safety

Player safety is the primary concern of both parents and coaches. We all want our players to be safe at all times and to have fun. An important precaution at the youth level is the proper fitting of equipment. We ensure all players have high quality helmets, padding, and other protective gear when on the playing field, which greatly minimizes the risk of injury.  It takes more than just great equipment to keep players safe.  It also takes proper coaching, player preparation, safe field conditions, and regular practice learning how to properly use the equipment. 

From a competition standpoint, age range and player weights play important roles in keeping players safe. Players are grouped according to their ages and weights, in order to avoid mismatches, and to offer maximum opportunity for safe participation.


Sports-related concussion in high school and youth sports can be serious or even life-threatening situations if not managed correctly. In order to help educate coaches, officials, parents and students on the importance of proper concussion recognition and management in high school sports, we have provided some free courses and links to concussion awareness. This information will help you understand the impact sports-related concussion can have on young players, how to recognize a suspected concussion, the proper protocols to manage a suspected concussion, and steps to help your player return to play safely after experiencing a concussion.  General Information About Concussions


Concussion Awareness. It is Nebraska Law! - Nebraska Law LB260 - Concussion Awareness Act The new Concussion law goes into effect July 1, 2012.  There are three basic components of this new law: 1. All sports organizations that charge a fee for participants 19 years and younger are required to provide information on concussions to the participants and their parents or guardians. This can be done by any means (e-mail, web link, in person, or with practice information). 2. It also requires that coaches have training made available. The law does not mandate you keep records of who completes the training- just that it is made available to the coaches so they can understand the impact and recognize a possible concussion. 3. If an athlete is suspected of having a head injury or concussion, he or she must be immediately removed from play. The athlete is not allowed to return to participation until they have been evaluated by a licensed health care professional and written & signed clearance forms are received from the parents AND the licensed health care professional.

Impact Testing:

EAA Tackle football requires that all players in the 11U or older divisions perform an ImPACT test prior to any in season participation.

Available times and locations will be communicated via email prior to the beginning of practice.

For more information on ImPACT Testing please visit

Information and Forms

Listed below are the awareness documents all parents, coaches, and players will need to be aware:

•     CDC Concussion Awareness Reference

•     Coaches Concussion Fact Sheet

•    Player Concussion Fact Sheet

•     Parent Concussion Fact Sheet

•     Concussion Awareness Consent Form -- Required to be signed by both parent and player

The following Free On-Line Concussion Training Courses have been approved by Nebraska’s Chief Medical Officer for the Coaches Training:
CDC – Centers for Disease Control:
Heads Up Concussions in Youth Sports  (Coaches can take this 20 minute video class and print out a certification document) NFHS—National Federation of High Schools: Concussion in Sports—What You Need to Know
Sports Safety International:
ConcussionWise (Courses for Coaches, Athletes, Parents, Athletic Trainers, Physicians, and Nurses)
ACTive™Athletic Concussion Training for Coaches:

The National Council of Youth Sports (NCYS)
comprises the who's who in the amateur youth sports industry. Founded in 1979, the NCYS membership represents more than 185 organizations/corporations serving more than 60,000,000 registered participants. NCYS is well-known for its advocacy in promoting healthy lifestyles and safe environments for stronger neighborhoods and communities creating a more wholesome society. The NCYS is an untiring leader committed to being the united voice for amateur youth sports and advancing the youth sports experience in America.

Visit NCYS:

USA’s Youth Football’s national governing body, leads the game, leads the games development, inspires participation, and creates a better and safer experience for all youth, high school and other amateur players.

As a USA Football program all participating coaches are USA Football Certified and will follow the USA Football guidelines for safety, Heads up Blocking, and Head’s up tackling.   

Please visit for additional information.

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