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About the EAA


Vision Statement:

EAA is a youth sports organization dedicated to providing young athletes an enjoyable and constructive youth sports experience.  EAA is an Elkhorn based organization serving the Elkhorn community and we also welcome participation from families in our surrounding communities.


Our Mission: To provide Elkhorn families with an enjoyable learning experience in all aspects of youth sports offered through the EAA. We are coaches, players, parents and staff working together to provide program opportunities from early childhood through early adolescence for all skill levels.  We encourage and support the development of Elkhorn student athletes by emphasizing on sportsmanship, personal development and community loyalty.  We achieve our mission with parental involvement, age-appropriate training, and access to professional staff and facilities within a friendly, safe environment.

Elkhorn students may participate in the following sports offerings within the EAA: (Age Groups: 5-14) Baseball, Softball and Football.

We have volunteer opportunities that span across the Association from serving on the EAA Board, Committees, Community Events, Projects, and much more. Select the Volunteer Now button to sign up and we will contact you when opportunities are available.

Field Status

Open Open

East - Greenspace (10:32 AM | 08/23/17)

Open Open

Football Field (06:50 PM | 08/16/17)